Art and Memories | Walk in Boston during a blizzard

Walk in Boston during a blizzard

February 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Had a wonderful time walking alone in Boston during the beginning of a blizzard.

Coming back from a theater, I decided to walk home. The fresh wind and touch of snow on the face was pleasing.

No camera, so iphone was very helpful. It was lovely watching couples walking hand in hand on Valentines Day evening, people walking with flowers to their loved ones and even a jogger in the middle of all this chaotic beauty.

Just read this in the internet a few minutes back. Very apt on how I felt.

"In the touch of a friend, in the breath of a child

 In the sight of falling snow, and the memories it brings

 Hear the song within the silence

 See the beauty when there's nothing there."

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

End of the day, life wins over everything.


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